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Extramation Dynamics Integration Specialists migrate data with Scribe Insight

13th July 2024

Dynamics CRM to GP or NAV Integration.
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Scribe Insight

8th July 2024

Find out about our support contracts for our business clients.
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1st July 2024

Find out about our support contracts for our business clients.
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Dynamics CRM integration

24th June 2024

Integrate to Great Plains (GP) , Navision (NAV) or any data source including your own website!
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Dynamics CRM migration

17th June 2024

Migrate to or from Great Plains (GP) , Navision (NAV) or any data source using the Scribe adapters.
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Integration with Scribe Insight

13th July 2024

Scribe Insight is the tool of choice if you need to get data into, or out of a range of applications such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics GP to name just a few.

Extr@mation Limited provide consultancy, data integration and migration services using Scribe Insight.
Do you need to connect your website to your CRM system?
What about integrating your CRM with your ERP tool in real time?
We can help with all your migration and integration needs even if you have an existing integration that needs attention.
Why not Contact us to find out how we can help your business?
view Microsoft Dynamics, CRM, ERP, NAV, GP and Scribe Insight contracts here
view Scribe Insight contracts here

One of our team is a Scribe MVP - view the profile here:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration with Microsoft SQL Server and the KingswaySoft CRM Adapter

8th July 2024

If you are already using Microsoft SQL server and your team of Business Intelligence (BI) developers are well versed with SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), then using the KingswaySoft adapter for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a quick and easy way to migrate or integrate data into CRM in a supported way without directly touching the underlying database tables in CRM.

We have advised many clients on how to obtain, install and get up and running eith thr KingswaySoft Adapter.

Additionally we can carry out data analysis, cleansing, and ultimate migration using KingswaySoft.

Click here to be redirected to the Kingsway website.

One of our team is a Kingsway MVP - view the profile here:


Contact us NOW to discuss your Dynamics CRM needs.

view Microsoft Dynamics, CRM, KingswaySoft and Scribe Insight contracts here

view Scribe Insight contracts here



6th July 2024

good vs bad data graph

Extramation Systems Integration (ESI) is a UK based company specialising in data solutions for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM & ERP platforms.

ESI are Subject Matter Experts in the following CRM / ERP based data areas:

Data is an asset; a foundation for decision-making ability. It’s accessibility and accuracy is key for the output of timely and precise decisions.

It has a real measurable value and as such should be carefully managed by a dedicated team of professionals with sufficient skill and experience to leverage that value.

Failure to hire the right people will cause your data to become a liability and can lead to bad decisions, financial losses, regulatory mis-reporting to name just a few

Fortunately, as Data Experts, the team at ESI use tried and tested methodology to deliver defect-free MS Dynamics data migrations and integrations first time, on time.


Contact us with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration or migration requirements.



Big Data is a strategic advancement in leveraging insights

28th June 2024

Once a buzz word synonymous with hype, now Big Data isn't just a phrase used by enterprise level organisations, but is increasingly being used by SME's to leverage faster, more accurate access to Insights that provide tangible bottom-line advantages.

Scenario: A customer calls your complaints department, and during the call the operative has the leverage of a good CRM such as Microsoft Dynamics, and acccess to insights that not only enable the resolution of the issue, but a cross sell in the process.


view CRM and Scribe Insight projects here
view SQL Server contracts here


How is BREXIT going to affect your business?

4th July 2024

One way many businesses are looking to gain advantage and remain competitive is by looking inwards; factoring and leveraging their data to measure performance, increase revenue, cut costs. All made possible with more efficiently interacting with customers, understanding them better.

The 360 view provided by Microsoft Dynamics CRM ensures customers won't be left out in the cold, but kept up to date with news and offers suitable and relevent to them.

Skills highly in demand are Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultants and developers, with integration architects like us finding there's lots of repair work after generalists have been taken on at rates that are too good to be true..and turned out exactly that!

Fortunately for our Business Intelligence team at http://www.businessintelligencedeveloper.co.uk, this means more demand for our services! Businesses are looking more towards reporting as a tool to benchmark and cost internal processes at the same time of better managing their data.

Contact us with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration or migration requirements.

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13th June 2024

We specialise in DATA, particularly CRM or customer data.

That includes the shape of the data, cleansing, structure, Migration and Integration / ETL (Extract, transform & Load)

Our favourite use of CRM data is Microsoft Dynamics CRM but when it comes down to it, so long as its useful, and easy to work with for your users, that's our goal.

More recently we have undertaken projects for Barclays Capital, Barclays Wealth, Capgemini, MoneySupermarket.com, Solution1 (Siemens), Atos Origin.
Key skills in the development area are:



Please take a look at our portfolio, and if you want to receive a CV, please contact us on the details below detailing your requirements.


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