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ID 684516
item_title Dynamics CRM Developer | Version 2011 | MVC | Asp.net | London
item_link http://www.cwjobs.co.uk/JobSeeking/Dynamics-CRM-Developer--Version-2011--MVC--Aspnet--London_job79908414
item_desc Dynamics CRM 2011 developer with strong MVC and Asp.net experience is required by leading consultancy in Central London. Required Experience Good knowledge and understanding of Dynamics CRM 2011. have worked with Dynamics 2011 and be happy to work with Dynamics 2011 going forward. Other CRM versions (2013,2015,2016, Online) knowledge would be useful for upgrade tasks which will take place in 2 years' time but this role is purely focused on Dynamics 2011 Excellent understanding CRM architecture and best practices for using various features. Must have good understanding and experience in working with 2011 Managed Solutions. Understands the difference between Managed and Unmanaged Solutions. Able to assess existing 2011 configurations and make recommendations for improvement such as simplifying business processes, best approach for integrations, performance improvements etc. Strong development experience in Dynamics platform such as: Custom workflows Custom user interface Extending CRM capability such as integration with customer portal, websites using technology such as HTML5, JavaScript, Ajax, CSS, ASP.NET (Webforms+MVC) etc. Exposing CRM functionality using custom API using WCF. Plugins Integrations with third party applications through REST/SOAP based API, Database etc. Reports development experience with SSRS, Power BI, SAP BusinessObjects and other BI/Analytics t ...
guid http://www.cwjobs.co.uk/JobSeeking/Dynamics-CRM-Developer--Version-2011--MVC--Aspnet--London_job79908414
item_pubdate 06/02/2018
isExternal True
JobFeedType sql

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